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Which social media management tool is better?

“The powerful social tool for business”. This description is about Hootsuite, the online platform which helps marketers to manage multiple accounts and profiles in social networks simultaneously. Hootsuite is probably one of the first on the market and still reliable tools for this particular task, because it offers variety of key services: message scheduling, measure social ROI, B2B social selling, etc.

Later other alternatives emerged on the market. For example, Hubspot, Sproutsocial and Buffer.

I should admit that Hubspot is far more advanced than just the tool for updating and managing social media accounts. You can also blog from there, design emails and disseminate them among your customers’ base, explore visitors’ analytics, etc. But Hubspot deserved the honorable place among leaders, because it offers the whole new approach to marketing – the inbound methodology, which aimed to attract website visitors, convert them into customers and delight later with great services. Moreover, this platform offers free inbound classes and certifications for anyone. First time I was certified by Hubspot in 2013, and their test wasn’t an easy walk – you should study the inbound methods and show your understanding to pass the test and earn your certification.

Meanwhile, Buffer is more an alternative to the social publishing tool Hootsuite than a competitor to inbound platform Hubspot (at least, at the moment).  But, as for me, it’s a little bit strange to see on their “About” page that they “will be fixing bugs and replying to you” about those fixes from around the world. So, in the other words they openly confirm that their online platform has issues, which isn’t the best way for market positioning itself and competition.

Founded in 2010, Sprout Social has better branding and positioning than Buffer. And, as they declare onto the “About” page, their platform is “packed with handy features”. They’re younger than other platforms, offering social media management and inbound services for about 6 years. They already earned several top tier clients, like Bentley, Hyatt, UPS and Stanford University. However, some marketing bloggers are skeptical about this new social media management system (SMMS) and say that there are reasons not to use it.


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